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5 Canadian Visa Categories for Applicants

Canada is one of the best countries for immigration if you wish to make a life abroad. The Canadian Government offers a number of immigration paths to foreigners. The different visas are aimed at different applicants depending on their long-term or short-term migration goals. Under the broad areas of Temporary Residence visas and Permanent Residence Visas there are a number of sub-categories. Here is a list of the most common Canadian which you can apply for if you wish to migrate.

Student Visa Program – Canada is a popular study destination for students from across the world. An acceptance letter from the Canadian institution of study along with proof of ability to pay tuition fees and support yourself and other important documents are required to apply for this visa. International students usually apply to attend school, college or university and once accepted, they apply for a temporary study permit. While studying you may work up to 20 hours per week.

Temporary Work Permit – Working in Canada is a great way to gain experience. If you wish to work temporarily in Canada, you have to apply for this work permit. This means a job offer has to come from a Canadian employer that has been approved by human resources authorities through the Labour Market Impact Analysis. If LMIA is approved, the foreign worker can apply to the position.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa – Under this category you can apply for permanent residency. Work experience, education, and knowledge of English is used to rank individuals on the point system. One year of skilled work experience is a must to qualify. Free assessments or consultation with migration consultant can determine your eligibility for the program. There is high demand for skilled workers in Canada and it is always a good choice to go for this visa if you want to work abroad.

Canadian Experience Class Visa – Those who are working in Canada are eligible to apply for this visa which is also an application for permanent residence. Those with skilled work experience can apply for this visa provided they have worked in Canada for a year and meets the language requirements.

Business Class Visa – This category of visa is meant specifically for business class applicants. It is divided into three main categories: Quebec, Federal and Provincial Nomination Programs that deal with business class applicants. Start- Up visas also fall under this category to attract entrepreneurs who can meet the labour market and economic requirements in Canada. The tremendous business and investment opportunities in Canada attract many to apply for this visa.

Visitor Visa – If you wish to travel to Canada for leisure, you need to apply for the visitor visa. You need to show that your stay is temporary which is the only requirement. It is great to visit a new country and being one of the most scenic places in the world, Canada is a great choice.

Once the candidate meets eligibility and points requirements, they can easily travel to Canada with a valid visa. To know more about the Canadian immigration application process, consult our experts at World Visa.


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