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Things you should know about post study work visa in Australia

Post Study Work in Australia falls under the Temporary Graduate Visa category under subclass 485. The category is further divided into two streams

  1. Graduate Work Stream (which is similar to Skilled Graduate Visa)
  2. Post-Study Work stream

Post Study Work Stream offers international an option to work in Australia, upon meeting certain eligibility requirements. A successful application under this category can attain valid visa for extended duration between 2-4 years which largely depends upon the level of their educational qualifications. Other eligibility criterias for the post study work visa are –

The 2 year academic study criterion is flexible to accommodate multiple courses. For e.g. – One may have completed either a two year Master’s degree in a particular field. Alternatively, one may have completed a one year degree course followed by another one year degree course to become eligible for post study work visa. The only condition is that the course needs to be completed within 16 months. Even if the course exceeds the recommended duration, only the standard duration will be considered while assessing the eligibility.

Things to remember –

  • Diploma qualifications are excluded from eligibility for Post Study Work Visa which is otherwise accepted under ‘Graduate Work’ Stream.
  • Also the degree major or actual field of study does not affect the eligibility for application of unrelated job for the post study work visa, as long as the degree or masters is recognised.
  • Apart from this your course needs to meet all the other requirements for you to be eligible for a post study work visa.
  • The courses registered on Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS) completed at eligible universities and institutions which are accredited to offer such degrees are considered for eligibility assessment

Landing a good job in Australia even after getting the post study work visa is not quite that easy. Yet there are certain things your can do to get noticed a relevant employer.

  1. The academic credentials can play an important role in getting the attention of a prospective employer at on and off-campus recruitment drives. Strategize to build on important skills that can complement your academic qualifications and career aspirations.
  2. Get a professional covering letter and resume for contacting prospective employers through placement cell or alumni network.
  3. Take up an internship during breaks to add experience to your resume. Quite a few internships are paid and can add great hands-on skills for the job you aspire to eventually have.
  4. Build a good network – both offline with alumni, students, faculty members or even community gatherings, as well as online. Leverage online social mediums like Linkedin and Facebook to create an active social circle to keep abreast of opportunities. Apart from getting a right visa, perseverance and networking is a key to land that dream job abroad.